A proud part of the community that's always made Vancouver feel just as special, loved, and as stunning as it's always been. We've made its charming South Granville shopping district the home to our special little boutique for over 25 years. And for the over 35 years since we opened our first store on 4th Avenue in 1987, some of the most widely adored and unique designers in the world have found their home with us, one of Vancouver’s most enchanting shopping experiences, most beautifully curated, and most carefully appreciated collections of fashion.

We're a place that just wants you to love fashion, as meaningfully as we do. Which is why, each and every season, we dedicate ourselves not only to representing designers in their most true, thoughtful, and most meaningful of ways, and understanding just what it is that makes you feel moved the way a beautiful collection can always make you feel, but to bringing together something that's been chosen, carefully, in a way that's designed to touch you, and touch you deeply, and without that all too common aftertaste of an experience that's overstimulated all your senses, or exhausted you with choices, but instead, just makes you really enjoy the experience of shopping again, the way it really should.